Behind the Looking Glass


Long dark corridor

. Is lit with an extinct candle.

, , People leaving for the courtyard

. Have not said a word.

: The feast is in full swing in the hall:

. Nobody is visible anywhere.

, Everyone is eating that nourishing dinner -

. The dishes are shining white.

, Dress hems on the shoulders,

. Collars on the feet.

, Laughter is a true symptom of crying,

. And a smile is a sign of melancholy.


City in the Midst of a Plague


, , Life is screaming helplessly and silently

; And mirrors have opened their greedy pharynxes;

, , The cane, having barely restrained itself, will say nothing

. That Adam and Eve will not come here.

, The roads to city have been taken by grass,

- . And the dry wind is laughing gently.

, And the smell in this airless city is such

. That the last hopes will die.

And quietly the Beast will enter the city

. And will commit atrocities.

, Then the door will lightly squeak behind him,

. The people will then justify his actions.

The plague will leave and those who survived

- The Magician Time will nurse back to health

, Will not permit them to find wrong paths,

. Will help them and will find happiness with them.

21 . 1992




, , Dark alley, a door to nowhere,

, . Youll never know when tomorrow will come.

, . The road leads to the house, the roads covered with weed.

- , ? - Perhaps, I am beginning to really see?

- . - Yes.

, Through the dirt of the window- an unfading light.

, Wait just a little, only a hundred years,

. And the dawn above us will shine.

- ? - Am I mistaken?

- ! - No!




, , If tomorrow you wake up the same as yesterday,

, . Then you should know that you have lived your life in vain.

, , If you are afraid of death the same as yesterday,

, If you have not opened your eyes with the mornings arrival,

, -, Then you should know that you will be burnt in the fire today

. But even in the fire, you do not generate warmth.




! ? We are going home! Have we finished waiting?

, . We will meet Spring, weve waited for her so!

Shell help us to clean slime off our skin

... And will lead us to unknown faraway placed

? , , But what of far-aways? We are as nearsighted as gophers,

, We distinguish people by their prosperity,

And if something goes wrong will stick a knife under your shoulder blade,

, . So you can perish if you dare to think.

, ! Spring, Spring! Have you really forgiven us

, ? For everything that cannot be forgotten?

Could you resume loving us

...? Again?





, , . Around the corner we are expected by a beggar.

, , . He is in rags and hungry, but not angry or hateful.

, Free wind is throwing air in the beggars face,

. ? ... But he is laughing. What can you say? He is a beggar

... How loudly the voids guffawing here

. Silence is giving us a finger.

. The beggar no longer searches for a thing.

. His name is simple Beauty of Life.

, , The crucifixes are thrown all over the place,

, They are marched on in strict lines,

, But the beggar invisibly walks among us,

. ? We need him, but does he need you?

, , You, whose Soul has rotted through,

. You, who is incapable of Love?

: The question remains: to be or not to be

, ? In the bog where you are covered with silt to your ears?

- ! , ? Wormwood-grass! Tell us, where is your strength?




, Its hard to live here and useless to breathe,

, , Inhaling this stench, we are closer,

                                                ... closer to Heavens




, , We are cannibals, dancing at the fire,

, , We lick the Sun, having stomped it with our feet,

But He invisibly walks among us

Trying to see whats inside us,

, . What has accumulated with years.




-? . But whats there to see? There is nothing worth a look.

, , And all because if He were truly with us

, We would already be with pure eyes

. And could die quietly and peacefully.




-, ! Oh, wormwood-grass, your taste is so bitter!

, , You are under my feet, oh, you proud thing,

, - - You are looking up and seeing the source of your pain -

! ... The Star of Nights! Your bite stings wormwood-grass




-, At midnight, shadowy waters are foaming,

. Golden Moon and diving off the waterfall.

, , , ! Wake up, dont sleep!

, , Free wind is rushing far away, where

, Faces of the saints are so pure,

, Where crucifix is radiating light,

, , Where the dark travels with the dawn to wed at the fire,

. And where in complete silence leaves are trembling with prayer.




, ! . Thistle, do not cry! Little time is left to live.

, . Pray to Perun, he will save you.

, Youd better walk barefoot on grass,

. And your pain will slowly and quietly dissipate.

, , , Farewell, wind, may God keep you,

, ! . Thistle and wormwood! Dont cry in vain.

, The moon is shining as though

... , , Fire was poured on it. Well, good-bye, may God be

                                                            ... With you






, Please feel free to strike

. . My face. I will expect the beating.

, You are so used to burning your brothers feet

. Preparing them to be future derelicts.

, No, I am not crying, just trying to say

, . The things that are eating me inside out.

, We will not let our Souls outside for you to see,

- . While maintaining and open book image.

! So listen! And dont interrupt -

: Even if my speech is long and boring:

, Just dont smear our Souls,

. Our bodies are at your disposal. How difficult

? Is it to understand wishes of your silly brothers?

: , The wishes are simple: warm clothes,

- e, , A little food, a little water,

And, first and foremost, freedom of thoughts

, And the right to express them without fear

, ... Of being despised and condemned

And while you are unable to give us

, , This little that is being asked for,

A parallel world of Sun and calm

. Will always exist.

26 1992



... ! If only Sun and calm, but no!

. We cannot even have that.

, ?! What do you want from us, finally?

, . Riches, happiness of life we cannot help you here.

, - Live us alone, let us live

, Without your haughty growl,

, Otherwise life seems similar to a prison term

. Where in your cell you cant get a moments peace.

26 1992



, There the waterfall is throwing streams of tears,

, There chops are made of peoples dreams,

: The notion of love is unknown there:

. . It was forgotten, never to be remembered again.

, There they will never help you out in trouble,

, They are experts only in food and drink,

, , There the drowning one is strong as a bull,

. And the leader is a sickly old man.

The power was taken away from that man -

, Grief and melancholy have seized the country,

, The country broke up into hundreds of pieces,

- . And food is brothers blood.

? When will there be peace in this country?

? Will we be able to live in that time?




, , Open the door, I want to fly away,

! Dont keep me from living lovelessly!

, , , ! I want to burn, not decay, like all of you!

, ... I will do everything but for myself


8 1992




  . I never loved you,

. I get mad just hearing your name.

, I would have forgotten you

. If it wasnt for my usual melancholy.