For those interested in some background information about these songs, here is a little story about each of these songs:

All of these songs were recorded in a home studio, that should explain the quality of recordings. My father played the instrumental part as well as did the arrangement.

Chrisanthemums and the Night is Light are Russian romances dating to the beginning of last century. Theyare quite popular in Russia. These romances me feel as if I am in those years again (this is another reference to my past lives). Their beautiful melodies don't hurt either.

Time - Ubakit - is a song in Kyrghyz language. My father composed music to a verse of a local Kyrghyz poet. I think the result is very pleasant to ear. I am very proud of my father: he is so talented!

School Song 1 and 2 are songs that you would sometimes hear at the end-of-school-year gathering (I don't think there is any better way to word this since there is no such thing in America). Those are the songs that are also quite nostalgic to me - only in a different way than Chrisanthemums.

Yesterday is the song of the Beatles, only this is a slightly jazzier version.  

The music for Under the Blue Sky was composed by some Italian monk in the fifteenth or sixteenth century (I will check on this information a little later), Boris Grebenshchikov of slightly changed the words Hvostenko-Volohonskiy to this melody. It is an eclectic yet widely popular song.

Speak Softly Love probably needs no explanationů  

Thank you all for your support, please come and visit me often! with any questions you have! I will be happy to hear from you!